About Our Company

As a Florida native, David A. Hicks has had a niche for fashion for as long as he can remember. His fascination with detailed oriented designs have always illuminated through in his personal wardrobe. After repeatedly having his 'off-the-rack' suits heavily altered, he began getting all his suits bespoke. After discovering many of his friends, acquaintance & colleagues had similar issues, he decided to go into business.

In the spring of 2015 he incorporated his own brand - eote fashion inc.

The acronym stands for 'Easy on the Eyes' which is what he demands his fashion to portray. For those who don't have the extra time to shop, or don't know how to find certain styles, he has great knowledge as a personal shopper as well.

The eote Theory - "When being around gentlemen in suits (no matter where you are), it's just an all around positive experience that permeates respect, charisma, character & confidence.*